16.12.2022 Rotting Christ + On Thorns I Lay + Pime, Rockclub Tapper (Tallinn)

16.12.2022 Rotting Christ + On Thorns I Lay + Pime, Rockclub Tapper (Tallinn)

The night of 16th wasn’t without drama, when Rotting Christ held their pre-Christmas mass for the many willing followers in the classic venue of Rockclub Tapper. Logistical jump scares, an extra band added at the last minute, and an array of amazing energetic shows – What a perfect way to conclude the year of gigs in Tallinn!

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  • 20.12.2022

Since it was unsure until the very last moment if On Thorns I Lay makes it to the country or not, some local reinforcements were required. The call was answered by UG’s old friend Pime, who managed to rally their troops with less than 24 hours of preparation time. Pretty impressive, considering that they haven’t yet confirmed any new bass player after Enfallen left earlier this year. None of the obstacles mattered though, when it was time to take it up to the stage. Pime didn’t just buy time for the airport personnel to transport the Greeks, but gave the audience in Tapper one hell of a start for the evening. The emotional and powerful show was led by Vincent Arckharum’s voice and guitar tunes, backed up by Inferator’s merciless drumming, and a new mystery man wielding the bass!

After the successful local intervention, a Christmas miracle happened. Against all odds, On Thorns I Lay arrived at the scene straight from the airport, and managed to brush off their travel fatigue in no time, delivering a show full of energy and style. Already warmed up from Pime’s excellent performance, the audience really got into the mood and packed up towards the stage to support the now arrived Greeks. The tune was swinging between the slower doom metal rhythms and more active lines, keeping the spectators eager and on their toes at the same time. After the last note, you couldn’t feel anything but happiness. Two bands before the main protagonists instead of one, and a perfect eleventh hour arrival to top it off!

The same vigor carried to the last act of the night, when Rotting Christ announced their arrival. The stage and the audience were packed with spirit, shepherded by Sakis Tolis and his brother Themis, like cult leaders in charge. Rotting Christ really is an interesting concept, and their live performance works in mysterious ways like none other. Their gothic- and black metal inspired sound mixes in with their “rock ‘n roll meets ethnic” kind of stage presence, forming their rather unique trademark image. The show kept both parties active, when the audience joined into the shamanistic chants called forth by the band members, followed by a quick switch to technical guitar solos and speedy bass slapping provided by the younger yet talented recruits Kostis and Kostas. The band zealously played through their set consisting of a great selection of their endless repertoire, and also had to return for some encore at the end, by the request of the demanding crowd.

Photos and review: Arttv

Organizer: Damn.Loud Agency

Venue: Rockclub Tapper


All in all, the evening was a triumphant success and a perfect way to wrap up the year. 

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  • 16.12.2022

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