Feedback zu "Tartu Under The Horns" incoming!

Letzte Woche präsentierten wir unsere Dokumentation „Tartu Under The Horns“ im ausverkauften Elektriteater-Kino in ihrer Entstehungsstadt und bekommen stetiges Feedback. Neben einem wunderbaren Artikel in der Postimees (größte Zeitung in Estland) bek...

  • von Grave
  • 30.09.2022
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Interview mit Daniel Hofmann (Total Thrash - Documentary)
  • von Grave
  • 29.04.2022

Daniel Hofmann ist Thrasher und Filmer aus Leidenschaft. Seit einiger Zeit macht er mit seinem Projekt „Total Thrash – The Teutonic Story“ auf sich aufmerksam, das ein hehres Ziel verfolgt: Eine Dokumentation über die gesamte Thrashmetal-Szene in Deutschland zu produzieren. Dieses Mammut-Projekt steht jetzt vor seiner Premiere und wir wollten dies zum Anlass nehmen, Daniel ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

Interview with Ginta Bane (Ginta Bane Art)
  • von Ghostwriter
  • 22.02.2022

The first encounter with Ginta Bane was at Howls Of Winter 2022, where she had a small stand next to Warhorn Records and other merch providers/labels. There, she presented some interesting art pieces like paintings, sculptures and jewlery, that got a lot of attention of the HoW visitors. At the last day of the festival, one guy of our group had bought some paintings and we had a booze induced talk about art complementing Black Metal or metal music in general. Time for us to dig a bit deeper into Gintas work!

Interview with Nick Grima (NickGrimaMGT)
  • von Grave
  • 10.11.2021

Nick Grima could easily be described as the „grey eminence“ of the small but potent metal scene of Malta. Being around for decades, I first met him in person at the Party.San open Air and within minutes we were already talking about the Maltese bands and the hardships of a country, that is considered to be a holiday location by the public - but not as a vibrant hub of Underground Metal. In this interview, we shall try to take a deep dive into Malta and the work of Nick.

Interview with Vincent Arckharum (Black Magic Estonia)
  • von Grave
  • 19.10.2021

Vincent Arckharum is one of the versatile individuals of the Estonian metal scene. Head behind Pime from Tallinn, with its very own Black Metal approach, he recently joined Süngehel behind the guitar and is also with Kodu, another BM project from Tallinn. As the scene is small and demands heart, soul and mind from every musician, he is als involved in BME aka „Black Magic Estonia“, a small group of individuals that created a renowned place, that was used as party location, stage and aftershow place of events like Howls Of Winter. With the recent changes and events around the small location, it's time to get an update of the situation.

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