Phlegein release "Labyrinth Of Wonder"

Phlegein release "Labyrinth Of Wonder"

Phlegein, an avantgarde project featuring members from Horna and Förgjord, released a new album titled "Labyrinth Of Wonder" on Northern Heritage Records. Formed in 2009, the Finnish duo already carry an arsenal of three full length albums and two EPs.

  • von Lior
  • 29.04.2021

This mini album is reminder that even though the band keeps quiet, their impact is always felt and heard to the fullest. Their mini album Labyrinth Of Wonder will feature 5 songs, staying true to their conceptual sound.

CD available at the Northern Heritage Records store.

1. Syvyyksissä 
2. ​Labyrinth Of Wonder
3. Saviour
4. March For Doom Of Humanity
5. Tribe Profane


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