Diablery announcing third album "Candles"

Diablery announcing third album "Candles"

Diablery announces a new album titled “Candles”, to be released on December 17th 2021 by Saturnal Records. This release has quite a gap from their album debut „Architect“ in 2014 and it seems like the anticipation is great. “We are heralds of the Luciferian Aeon. Searching Within and Without, into the bottomless, boundless Darkness, to gaze upon the Inner Flame. The Flame ‘carried’ by Phosphorus and the Light-Bearing Archetypes -

  • von Lior
  • 24.11.2021

We sculpt Sound into a Sword, to rip the fabric of reality, to reveal the Pillars of Wisdom & Knowledge, to break the shackles and ultimately to manifest the Current” - quoting the band. 

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Diablery was formed in 2008, with guitarist Nimerius and vocalist/guitarist Setesh being the core members of the band. After almost a decade of restlessness and member changes, the lineup was solidified with the additions of bassist XII and drummer Merenhor. The culmination shall be „Candles“ and presents 9 tracks of which „The Star-Veiled Face“ gives a first impression of. Make sure to watch it on Youtube! 

1. Three Torches Lit
2. Sanguine Emissions of Aeonic Ecstasy
3. Spiral Ascension of Becoming
4. The Star-Veiled Face
5. The Coming Fog
6. The Piercing Ice
7. Moonlit Dome Revealed
8. The Earth Covered My Face
9. The Core that Burns Forever


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