Interview with A.84 (Vaciø)

Interview with A.84 (Vaciø)

Vaciø is a Spanish Black Metal band that previously only showed signs of life with a 15-minute EP on Black Metal Promotion in 2021. Suddenly the band was on the setlist at this year's Black Hole Fest Germania and even got to open the festival. We were there in the Balver Höhle, saw the live premiere of Vaciø and then grabbed A.84 - the man behind Vacio - for an interview.

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 26.11.2023

U.G.: Hello A.84, great that you took the time to answer our questions. Please introduce Vaciø. What does your band name stand for? 

A.84: I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. VACIØ, which means "void" in Spanish (and we add the symbol of void Ø), embodies the dark and atmospheric essence of our music. In the band, A.84 is the guitarist and main songwriter and L.77 writes all the lyrics and sings. Then we have a very good friend Diogo Mota (Gaerea) who records the dums. Our music focuses on creating an intense, atmospheric, occult, misanthropic, nihilistic and dark sonic experience that captures the core of Black Metal.

U.G.: You already told me in our preliminary talk at the merch stand at the Black Hole Fest Germania that you played live there for the first - and probably the last - time. Why are you not planning any live activities in the future? Tell me the background.

A.84: That's right, our performance at the Black Hole Fest was both our debut and unfortunately our last live show. The decision to avoid future live activities is influenced by several factors. The logistical challenges and costs associated with live performances can be quite daunting for underground bands like us, also our band members (the only ones I trust) live far away from me and it is also a problem for rehearsals. We will see what happens, but for now it will be like this.

U.G.: How was your gig in the Balver Cave? You had guest musicians with you and you are actually just a duo? Are you satisfied? How did the fans react?

A.84: Our performance in the Balver Cave was a unique and unforgettable experience. Although we normally work as a duo, for this live show we decided to include our brothers-in-arms as guest musicians to enhance the live experience and to recreate the intricate layers present in our studio recordings. We were very pleased with the result and the reaction from the fans was incredible. The audience response was intense and it was an honour to share the experience with them.

U.G.: About two years ago you released an EP on Black Metal Promotion called "Et Destituta Mortis", which I really like, but unfortunately it's only 15 minutes long. The music and the artwork is great. How did it go down with the people?

A.84: Thank you for your kind words about our EP "Et Destituta Mortis". We deliberately kept it short in order to maintain a concise, intense and immersive listening experience. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it's reassuring to know that our music resonates with listeners who appreciate the dark and atmospheric qualities we strive to convey.

U.G.: Who were your guest musicians in the cave in Balve?

A.84: First of all they are my brothers, I couldn't have done it without them. The guitarist in Balve was Enrique Gandara. He also plays in the bands "Crystal Moors" and "Lud". The bass player in Balve was Deimos, who also plays in the bands "Medusa", "Hrizg" and "Fatal Portrait" (guitarist). On the drums you saw Sergio San Miguel, who also plays in "Fatal Portrait" and "Hrizg".

U.G.: What was your setlist in the cave in Balve? Did you play new material? Your EP is only 15 minutes long!?

A.84: Yes, here is our setlist:

1. Two Moons 
2. Into the Jaws of Sobek
3. New song from the upcoming album, name not yet decided
4. New song from the upcoming album, name not yet decided
5. New song from the upcoming album, name not yet decided
6. The knowledge of the voice
The total time of the event was about 43 minutes.

U.G.: You told me that you also play in other bands and are working on new material. Tell me what we can expect?

A.84: Besides Vaciø, I'm involved in several other musical projects that explore different facets of the metal genre. We're constantly working on new material for these projects and you can expect a wide range of sounds, from black metal to experimental and atmospheric compositions. The new material is already in progress, the drums have already been recorded by Diogo Mota (Gaerea). At the moment I'm editing and adjusting parts to track the guitars.
L.77 sings in the bands "Crystal Moors" and "In Luna".

U.G.: Last question: How is the Black Metal scene in Spain? Besides Vaciø, who else can we listen to?

A.84: The Black Metal scene in Spain has been growing and developing over the years. There are many talented bands in the country like Balmog, Noctem, Aversio Humanitatis, Hrizg, Lóstregos. And they all bring their own unique twist to the genre. I'd recommend exploring their music to get a broader perspective of the Spanish Black Metal scene. Thanks for the interview Skog!

U.G.: Thanks for the interview! We can't wait to hear your new material!

The interview was conducted by A.84 for Vacio and Skog for Undergrounded. More information can be found here: