Interview mit Spider (Black Spiders)

Interview mit Spider (Black Spiders)

„Es ist hart erkennen zu müssen, praktisch seine gesamte Schulzeit lang von den Englisch-Lehrern verarscht worden zu sein. Während ich glaubte die Sprache zu lernen, wurden mir offenbar die wichtigsten Vokabeln wie z.B. „fuckness“, „rifflording“ oder „fucknuts“ nicht nur nicht beigebracht, sondern auch aus jeglichem Wortschatz der Bücher, Overhead-Folien und Übungsbücher verbannt.

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 04.12.2013

Jetzt ist es an der Zeit zu versagen und gerade bei Interviews und Bandbeschreibungen auf ausländisch leide ich schlimmste Qualen. Aber so blumig die schwarzen Spinnen bzw. die Black Spiders auch ihre eigene Musik beschreiben mögen, ich stelle mich der Herausforderung die Jungs aus Sheffield (Grät Britten) mit ein paar Fragen zu löchern.“
UG: Hey there guys!

Spider: Hello

UG: After reviewing your kickass album “This Savage Land” and a request of an old friend of ours, I’m glad to have the chance to bother you with some questions. But just let me struggle a bit with my rusty school-english. She sells sea shells by the sea shore, Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers… Just for the record – How much “german” do you understand?

Spider: OK, let’s go!!  A little…. Wie Gehts? Bitte, Fick dich, guten morgen, sprechen sie englisch?
UG: I should have know that - But quite impressive! I really love your FB Site just because of the language and description of your music. Your music sounds like “kick ass rock n’roll, is punk as fuckness and combines classic rifflording with a face ripping triple-axe-attack… “. Imagine you have to explain your style to someone who has no idea of your sound – How would you do that?

Spider: We would say that the force of the guitars would melt your face off and the sheer sonic scream of the vocals would be like being inside a wind tunnel with a jet fighter - If that doesn’t work then we’d pass them the headphones…..
UG: Your band was founded in 2008 “to celebrate the passing of a dear friend” and to honour him with the music. I guess he was a special person if he achieved to make Black Spiders happen?

Spider: He’s very special to us and without him we would not have been inspired to become the band we decided t be and have become. It was through him that we reminded ourselves of what got us into rock music in the first place and why we had been wasting our time thinking we were meant for anything else.
UG: Fucking deep... I guess "rest in music" would be more accurate than "rest in peace" then... But enough mourning, back to your album, are you personally satisfied with the feedback so far? Were there any troubles in the creation process or did you just lay down the tracks?

Spider: There seems to be a wider variety of person that likes our new record and the press we have had has been very complimentary, so far. The creation process was the easy bit, the hard part was choosing the songs to record and then the songs that would eventually make the album AND in what order !!!!
UG: Like a lot of other bands, you established your own label “Dark Riders”. What was the main reason for that?

Spider: Because no one would sign us on our terms, so we were happy to go the DIY route to get the ball rolling. Dark Riders seemed an apt name for carrying this load.
UG: Are there already plans for the next album or what will the next step for Black Spiders be? I guess touring or doing a load of concerts might be on the schedule?

Spider: We have a clear schedule right now, but yes obviously we’d love to tour more if we can, as the record has only been out in the UK [Sept 13] and Europe [Oct 13], so there is plenty of life left in it yet. A new album will hopefully come in 2014…
UG: In germany the underground metal scene is struggling with a shitload of problems like declining visitors at concerts and lesser interest in smaller bands/festivals in general. I would love to hear about the metal scene in England compared to germany.

Spider: I’m sorry to say it’s probably the same, we don’t even believe there is an underground rock scene’ as such, just a handful of struggling bands trying to do something, anything. It’s hard in these monetary times to do, people want an instant payback and things immediately and that’s not always easy to do. 
UG: About a month ago we had two of our guys visiting London for a festival and after their return they said they want to attend even more festivals in foreign countries because it was just a great experience. Do you think there are a lot of differences between metalheads from other countries compared to English metalheads?

Spider: It depends which festival you mean? There is an obvious divide in the age range of rock music fans and the younger bands seem to get a lot wider press and media attention, because they are part of a bigger ‘now’ scene, that some magazines and radio stations sell to the kids … There are some great festivals all over Europe and Scandinavia, everyone should experience them outside of their own country. I think metalheads worldwide have bigger connections and similarities, as opposed to differences.
UG: Imagine you could go back in time to 2008 just after you had found the band and give yourself some advices – What would you say to your younger counterpart?

Spider: Let someone else spend their money, keep yours for the future. *lacht*
UG: Thanks for your time - maybe we'll see you guys around in good old germany!

Spider: No problem, thank you

Das Interview führten Ghostwriter von Undergrounded und Spider von Black Spiders.