Interview mit 145188 (Vanhelga) (english)

Interview mit 145188 (Vanhelga) (english)

Vanhelga sind im Untergrund (noch) ein authentischer Vertreter der schwedischen DSBM Szene. Mit Ihrer „Happy Music“, dem sehr eigenwilligen Auftreten bzw. Bühnenkonzept und dem verstörenden Hang zum „roten Wein“ der literweise auf Ihren Gigs fließt, verstören und inspirieren die Jungs aus Lingköping gleichermaßen.

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 12.03.2015

Nach dem Release der EP LPT steht nun nach Sommar und Längtan der nächste Longplayer „Happiness“ in den Startlöchern. Zeit für uns ein kurzes Interview mit Jacob Ottoson. aka 145188 zu führen. (Pro-Tipp - Einen Auszug des Albums findet ihr ganz unten in der Videosektion!)

UG: Hi 145188

145188: Hi Grave

UG: Since the release of LPT it has been only a few weeks and you are already announcing a new album. I know the circumstances under which LPT was created, I guess this wasn't planned at all?

145188: No it was just my never ending creativity that had to be created into this.   

UG: I guess it is pretty rare that depression can be forced into such a direction. How long took the whole process of creating "Happiness"? And did LPT just "happen" whilst you were working on "Happiness"?

145188: No those releases has nothing to do with each other at all. Happiness was created in about four days.

UG: That sounds unbelievable - I mean come on - The whole songwriting and producing? Must have been a hell of a rush then.

145188: I don't sleep.

UG: Sadly, I know you long enough to believe that. But how were your bandmembers involved in that? I guess LPT was something like a solo project inside Vanhelga? Was Happiness also only created by you?

145188: Yes. I did everything. They had no part of it whatsoever.

UG: So one could frankly say you are the creative mastermind behind Vanhelga?

145188: Yes.


UG: So tell our readers a little bit more about "Happiness" since we already know the concept of LPT.

145188: "Happiness" is an audial expression of how to be happy with the help of drugs and self-mutilation.

UG: And how much tracks can the fans expect?

145188: Five, last one will shock people.

UG: Five tracks sounds more like an EP, are the tracks long then?

145188: It varies a lot.

UG: Your shows can be already be described as shocking - What could be more shocking than that on a CD?

145188: Yes they are indeed shocking. We do what we want on stage and fuck all RULES. You will have to wait and listen. *laughs*

UG: So when will be the release and is there something like a tour planned?

145188: The digital release is VERY soon, physical will take a while. No, next gig is KOBM and that show will be our most shocking yet.

UG: Too bad I'm already at the Metal Franconia at that time, now I'm quite curious about it. Last time I have seen you guys was in a  small pub in Markgröningen. Personally, do you like the bigger gigs like KOBM or the smaller ones in a more "intimate" atmosphere more?

145188: Smaller. Better contact with audience and better atmosphere. But even if the stage is bigger - nothing can stop our madness - our show will be total chaos, madnesss and mayhem!

UG: Well I guess you will enjoy the KOBM, it's a great festival! Is there any band on the line up you are especially looking forward to?

145188: No

UG: Well I think it can't get anymore Black Metal than that! So my last (and classic) question. Imagine you could meet younger Jacob right after the founding of Vanhelga - Would there be any advice to your younger self and what would that be?

145188: Don't do drugs! 

UG: So thank you for the interview and I hope to see you soon somewhere onstage!

145188: Thank you too!

Das Interview führten Grave von Undergrounded und 145188 von der schwedischen DSBM Band Vanhelga. Mehr Informationen findet ihr hier:
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