Wight - Wight

Wight - Wight

The self titled debut EP from Wight, a project from Virginia (USA), at first seems to be nothing special. But after listening to it several times, it has interesting ideas and some fresh moments, which became quite unusual in Black Metal in the last years. The Ep is strongly limited to 100 cassettes, with a runtime of nearly 20 minutes and four tracks.

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 22.02.2023

The instruments are done by A. Geist (Nihilanth), while vocalist "LXH" (Alvaldur, ex-Angmar) presents his haunting voice which easily switches between screams, growls and clear vocals. When it comes to production Wight did everything you could expect for a BM-release, with echo and dungeon layers, while the drums sometimes tend to be a bit too much in the foreground, at least for my taste.

The interesting parts of the EP are found especially in "Plagued With Shapes Of Grievous Agony", where there are also synth-elements involved, which is another strongpoint. Besides that, the quick changes within the songs, at one point concentrating on well orchestrated riffs and then hopping to a vocal focus are the best part of „Wight“


1. Apparition of Spite 00:00

2. Plagued with Shapes of Grievous Agony 04:34

3. Dark Delights in Crimson Ecstacy 08:04

4. Lethe 13:11


A solid debut with some fresh ideas and interesting takes, especially in riffing. Put them on your watch list!


  • Wight

Album Titel

  • Wight


  • 17.02.2023