Painful - Nefarious Monarchy

Painful - Nefarious Monarchy

It has been a long way to go for the band to have this album released onto the public: after two release live shows (with the final one yet to come), and a long wait for the production industry to have the CDs delivered, and several official video uploads on YouTube it is now finally here: the new album "Nefarious Monarchy" of Painful.

  • von Starduster
  • 20.05.2024

We have covered Painful a few weeks ago via a band interview, and now we are reviewing their new album a bit ahead of time. There have been single releases on YouTube you may have checked out before. But now we are ready to go on the whole new album. 

If you compare "Nefarious Monarchy" to their earlier albums, there is not only the change at the vocals by the new singer Latura, but also a major change in musical style after 20 years of existence. Here Painful is going in full score on a melodic and more epic style, while Black Metal is taking fastly more space now than the death metal elements. The first single release "Liberty (dies)" was already a glimpse into what was coming on. The second song "Remaining shadows" confirmed the first impression. 

For the band, I believe, this was a decisive step which determines their style for the time to come. But listening to the album it feels like a natural course of their evolution for it sounds fresh and inspired. The 2023-remake of "Lurking shadows" makes it very clear what the band is up to.

Latura contributes much; intentionally wanted or unwanted, to that new sound by her way of singing or rather growling. If you have heard her voice for a few songs you will easily recognize her among dozens.

The music is full of carefully arranged melodies, intelligent breaks and catchy riffs. Even though the songs are 4 minutes on average it seems the music itself has become more complex and after having heard the album you will know where the time and effort went. 

All 10 songs go easy in and out which makes the album musically a whole experience. This is why there is no need to speak of each song individually. 

In addition to that the lyrical concept is worth noticing here. Painful have taken on the French Revolution regarded from different points of view. A rather unconventional theme for a German Black Metal band but it works just great here. It is surely more rewarding to delve into than some other simple evil cliche.


 1. A World of Kings 

2. Liberty (Dies) 

3. Growing Rage 

4. Reign of Terror

5. History Repeats 

6. United in Blood 

7. Heart of Darkness 

8. We Are Not Equal 

9. Remaining Shadows 

10. Fallen Hierarchies 



Everybody who loves Dimmu Borgir in the days of "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" or is into the veins of melodic Black Metal in general is encouraged to take a good long listening to Painful today. What is so special about Painful is their new approach to paths walked before: they did not invent the style anew but made it again so great to listen to. So get the album, see them live!



Album Titel

  • Nefarious Monarchy


  • 25.05.2024