Merrimack - Of Grace and Gravity

Merrimack - Of Grace and Gravity

Fresh from the purgatorium, the new album from Merrimack „Of Grace And Gravity“ has risen on March 8th of 2024. It has been since June 2017 that the underground has been waiting for this hate bite to emerge. It took almost 7 years for the French veterans of profound Black-Metal to craft 48.13 minutes of pure darkness.

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 12.03.2024

Being only in March and not knowing what is still to come, I nevertheless dare to say that this album will appear in many top-lists of 2024. And here is why: The horde is around since 1994 and knows the art by heart. And what took them so long, comes out strong now. The keys to the kingdom of Merrimack lie in a perfect mixture of melodic guitars, well balanced full-scale sound, everchanging tempos and the typical BM atmosphere which goes by the textbook definition. If you want to catch all of it you may want to check out the fourth track „Wounds that heal“. Guitar work is top notch since the skill carries so much emotional depth.

I am convinced that Merrimack will win a lot of new fans with their sixth album. While the critics may say it is too smooth, I say this is the new level of BM in 2024. It has everything that you want from a BM album. There is melody, there is brutality, there is darkness and hopelessness and there is the way that combines it all to perfection.

Everything is there and is placed it should be, clearly and openly. There is not one second that seems unplanned, useless or superfluous and you don't want this album to end. I came to know Merrimack when „The Acausal Mass“ was out, and checked everything before and after. But I couldn't have expected this! Even though this album may not reveal itself after first hearing, it dawns soon enough that this is something huge. The lyrics are, at least, very interesting. Merrimack are counted among the anti-cosmic BM-bands and are a subject too big for an explanation inside a simple album review. But even if you are not familiar with this occult concept, the lyrics leave a wide open space for private interpretations; too dark for a beautiful mind anyway...

Review by Starduster


1. Sulphurean Synods
2. Sublunar Despondency
3. Dead and Distant Clamors
4. Wounds that Heal
5. Starving Crowns
6. Under the Aimless Spheres
7. Embalmer’s Wine


I am sort of „lost for words“ here, for it seems senseless to describe every perfect musical nuance because that would mean to fill a lot more pages, while coming down to the inevitable conclusion: Listen for yourself and get this awesome album right away!


  • Merrimack

Album Titel

  • Of Grace and Gravity


  • 08.03.2024