Mephorash - Krystl-Ah

Mephorash - Krystl-Ah

Of course we could not let pass 2023 by without reviewing on the latest Mephorash album „Krystl-Ah“ released on 10th November. This band, which performs in robes and on bare feet, which has collaborated with the occultist Gilles de Laval and which prefers its audience to remain silent during live rituals, follows consquently its evolutionary course.

  • von Starduster
  • 04.02.2024

Having started as a „conventional“ BM-band, Mephorash created its unique „ritualistic“ BM-style, so to speak. Containing choir-like elements, soul-lifting melodies, harsh breaks between blast beats and acoustic parts in rather lengthy songs creates the skill of  music like water flows. While their songwriting has ever more evolved, not letting a single moment in a 10 min-song to appear boring, they now add also mantra chanting to bridge between songs. „Krystl-Ah“ consists of 7 songs in 67.10 minutes and it definetly their most melodic work.

The crystal-clear sound which graces the album, enables the listener, even in all-the-power moments, to know and follow what is going on and does not permit the music to drown away in sound chaos. The lyrics of orthodox Occult-Metal bands are always worthy to take a closer look at. This goes for Mephorash too. Besides the three levels of interpretation (mystic, author intended and private), it must be said that this album is in some ways much „brighter“ than their previous ones. This comes to mind after having spent a few hours with „Krystl-Ah“. 

I am spreaking here of the general atmosphere which fits perfectly to the remarkable change in the lyrical approach. (Which also manifests optically in a new stage outfit/design). This may point to the fact, that occultism does not inevitable means dealing with the pure dark side of creation and soul, simple satanism or cosmic chaos, but thoughtfully figuring things and words out to let them make sense. Krystal-Ah is a trip to a unique world of its own, as was Rites of Nullification and Shem Ha Mephoras (only this time less dangerous…). The music is flowing through your mind and soul if you are prepared to take it all in. It is demanding all your attention at times when all demons are flying, while also granting you time to breathe in moments of recreation. In other words: this is a very emotional recording that catches your soul if give it time to let it.

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1. Krystl-Ah
2. Gnosis
3. Catoptrophilia 
4. Soma Yoni 
5. Chrysallís 
6. I Am
7. Mephoriam 


Mephorash can rarely be compared to other BM bands because of the reasons I tried to state above; an opinion of mine which you might already share or can find out in around 67 minutes.


  • Mephorash

Album Titel

  • Krystl-Ah


  • 10.11.2023