Litosth - Cesariana

Litosth - Cesariana

Having not received much adverstising from its label but realizing its worth to be presented to a much broader audience, we take the chance to bring Litosth to your notice! The Brazilian band and its third full time album "Cesariana" is already to be counted among the Contenders of 2024 Album of the Year, at least if you are into full sound melodic Black Metal.

  • von Starduster
  • 09.04.2024

Wow, now this is something I don´t want to be accused of not having given to you! Now, we can get this over very quick: If you are into full-sound, all-the-power BM, including massive key walls at times, catchy melodic guitar picks, rowdy vocals like MGLA, than you are more than welcome right here. On 2nd February, Litosth released their third full time album and it is meant to remain in your ears!

Actually I cannot recommend one song over another but considering this whole album as a masterpiece which was, I am honest here, not to be expected. But this whole album work grabs me, for this is my cup of tea. If you consent that this is kind of power you like, the kind of sound you like, the kind of voice you like I just described, you will follow my train of desire here: soundwise you are not left alone for a second: a certain skill for melodies, the pure want that is built up for what comes next, the satisfaction of having heard this BM jewel shall leave you exhausted and fulfilled.

It has to be, one more time, stated that perfect BM is to come from every corner of the world these days. You may like the French style, the "old" Northern way, the modern American approach, but if you accept that the idea of BM has spread across the globe in recent years, you are welcome to hear this remarkable output from Brazil.


1. In waves
2. Whipping bottles
3. Time doesn´t heal
4. The Clay Messiah
5. A Ofensa
6. The Argonaut
7.  Ceasarean
8.  The Vacuum Extractor Paradigm


After having listened to this album for quite some spins I stick to my first take to say this is up to higher ground. So if you have the time and ears you are invited to follow...


  • Litosth

Album Titel

  • Cesariana


  • 02.02.0204