Hulder - Verses in Oath

Hulder - Verses in Oath

The project Hulder, which mainly consists of Marliese Beeuwsaert / Marliese (Marz) Osborne of Belgian origian, is around since their first demos of 2018. Currently located in Washingto,n from where she refines her Black Metal approaches, she has graced us with her second full time album „Verses in Oath“ released on 9th February 2024.

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 09.03.2024

If you are aquainted with her previous works you will find much improvement now in sound basically; for „Verses in Oath“ really gives you a full scale sound entertainment. Every instrument is well recognizable and balanced throughout the whole picture. If you are into all-the-power sound to entertain your neighbours from you balcony, Hulder is the new shit; surprisingly. Digging deep and wide the sound will not leave a single expectation unfulfilled. This adds not only to musical power, but also to the emotional side; for a variation of riffs and dark drives are hurled upon you. These become even more intense when presented in the rather slow parts, like in „Hearken the end“. The mainly spoken vocals remain basically the same, with the dark tone of Marliese, which really has become a trademark of Hulder.

Drifting away from the harsh sounds of the early days, „Verses in Oath“ is rather easy listening. This may scare off the die-hard fans of the early days, but surely opens up to a wider audience today. Since this the obvious intension we have to accept, we will have to agree also that Hulder does a good job in doing so: implemeting even more beautiful melodies and hauting vocals to create a certain sense of security within the spirit. Having all this in mind, I sense the album really grows upon you giving it time to do so. On the one hand you can say it is more smooth and compelling than older recordings, on the other hand it does capture the listener´s attention; growing with every intensive round. Having spent a few times with the 40 plus minutes of this album I do believe this heads towards a more inclined audience than the pure BM underground now; while at the same time Hulder reveals a major musical improvement in sound and musical presentation. The main question is if this is going to be a modern classic of BM or a failed major label/mainstream attempt will be up to time and the opinion of the fans.

Review by Starduster


01. An Elegy 
02. Boughs Ablaze 
03. Hearken the End 
04. Verses in Oath 
05. Lamentation 
06. An Offering 
07. Cast Into the Well of Remembrance 
08. Vessel of Suffering 
09. Enchanted Steel 
10. Veil of Penitence 


I say that Marliese is going for more in the best sense of the word for she actually has made everything all right on many levels and left the simple underground behind. This was intended and it was done straight away. Now only the fans can confirm and attest this step by going with her.


  • Hulder

Album Titel

  • Verses in Oath


  • 09.02.2024