Délétère - Songes d'une Nuit Souillée

Délétère - Songes d'une Nuit Souillée

Délétère, situated in Quebec, might be known to most of the connaisseurs of Canadian Black Metal and has been around for nearly 15 years now. Their new album "Songes d'une Nuit Souillée" brings together this special „Quebecois“ feeling of Black Metal, that I would often call a more melodic and ambient approach. Exploring the realms of a multi layered experience by using several different, instruments, effects and creative ingredients, but still being true to minimalistic Black Metal, they create a thoughtful and eclectic piece of art.

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 28.11.2023

The third album "Songes d'une Nuit Souillée" combines screams with dark ambient elements, excellent riffs, as well as (for examples) choires and synthesizers, that really fill the background atmosphere. Songs like "Messe Scandaleuse" add a distorted piano like sound effect, that just create a special feeling, which form an interwoven experience for the listener, producing an overall fitting example for the whole album. "Sonata Impudicitiae" is a song using only piano as an interlude, that lets the listener breathe for a second, before being thrown back into hell, that fits the blasphemic topic of lyrical indulgence. The 42 minutes of the 8 songs are over quite quick, as the variation of the songs demand your attention and suck you into the void, presenting enough dark energy to not become boring for a second, which is for sure a rarity in todays BM landscape.


1. Chasse obscène
2. Sacre de la perversion
3. Foutredieu
4. Messe scandaleuse
5. Sonata Impudicitiae
6. Lex Syphilii 
7. Le labour des chairs 
8. La nuit souillée


The third album  "Songes d'une Nuit Souillée" released over  Sepulchral Productions is yet another great piece of "Quebecois" Black Metal by Délétère!


  • Délétère

Album Titel

  • Songes d'une Nuit Souillée


  • 23.11.2023