The Prague Death Mass aftermath in full swing!

The Prague Death Mass aftermath in full swing!

Everyone who follows us on FB and Instagram has already seen a glimpse of Prague Death Mass 2023, but as a small division of Undergrounded returned from the event, the real work lies ahead. While already publishing a full festival recap as „Untergraben-Podcast“, we are further working on a set of pictures as well as videos for our Undergroundedtube.

  • von Grave
  • 31.10.2023

First in line is Altars Ablaze, who set fire to the Prague Death Mass 2023. The Czech-band with several members from other renowned combos (Heaving Earth, Cult Of Fire etc.) presented songs from their current album "Life Desecration" and made good use of the privilege to be the opener of the rebirth of PDM after nearly a decade of hiatus. Dive into insanity and brutality with the full gig on the Undergroundedtube and make sure not to miss the next video of Thy Darkened Shade and others!


Der, der hinter den Reihen wandelt.