The Artist Behind "Tartu Under The Horns"-poster

The Artist Behind "Tartu Under The Horns"-poster

The artwork behind the „Tartu Under The Horns“-documentary could basically fill in a whole own story and deserves praise. Artist Skaðvaldur, who is heavily involved in the Tartu scene and bands like „Sküllfükk SS“ or „Graveater“, has supported bands and other artists with his amazing drawing and sketching skills for a couple of years now.

  • von Grave
  • 16.09.2022

The „Tartu Under The Horns“ poster resembles the so called „coat of arms“ of the city, which is a crossed sword and key, hovering above two towers and a towns gate.This image is officially used by the town since 1584 and has been re-imagined by Skaðvaldur, who added great detail and a sinister mood to it. The artwork is already impressing on its own and shows perfectly, that there is much more behind the music itself, which often triggers videography, lyrics, pictures and drawn art. Please visit  Skaðvaldurs website and give him a shoutout or requests, if you need art for yourself!

Join us in the premiere in either Tartu or Tallinn, or one day later in our web-premiere!

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