"Estonian Armoured Train Division 1918-1920" - talk by Siim Oismaa (english)

"Estonian Armoured Train Division 1918-1920" - talk by Siim Oismaa (english)

It's no big secret that we've been fans of Estonia and the local metal scene for almost 10 years now. Besides filming two documentaries about Black Metal and countless concerts in the country, we got various interesting contacts which included other cultural areas.

  • von Grave
  • 09.05.2024

A while ago Siim Oismaa, who is base player with Süngehel and an employee/curator at the Estonian War Museum, gave a lecture on "Estonian Armored Trains" of the War of Freedom 1918-1920 in Estonian. While preparing for Howls Of Winter festivals in Tallinn, we asked him to give the lecture in English, which resulted in a great lecture about a topic not related to metal, but related to metal! You can now watch the talk on the Undergroundedtube and we are curious, what you think about this little road trip into a whole other area!



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