Aptrgangr about to release "The Horns of Sabbath Bray"

Aptrgangr about to release "The Horns of Sabbath Bray"

Aptrgangr, a new international Black Metal project with folk motif, have announced the release of their demo “The Horns of Sabbath Bray”, to be available end of this week both online and on limited cassettes by the label “Haunted by Ill Angels”.

  • von Lior
  • 24.11.2021

“The tales and myths of old all testify of the Devil's hand in the realms of man. Drawing upon the wellspring of old folklore from an era when the hole in the heart of men was not filled by screens but by a deeper sensitivity to the otherworldly and spiritual, Aptrgangr channels black metal with an old soul in veneration of the Horned One and His court.” A first glimpse of the four track EP was released on Youtube and gives the listener a short but promising Teaser for the real thing. Check out the video and the Bandcamp page of the band!


01 A Faustian Pact

02 Deeds Without Name

03 As Stormclouds Gather...

04 The Horns of Sabbath Bray


Hell Hath No Fury Like An Audio Engineer Scorned