Farewell Sergej

Farewell Sergej

First of all, I might not be the right person to write something about Sergej because there were closer people in his life, but I feel that this „Kudos“ before him is needed to maybe ease my own selfish pain a bit. I think, if you have never met Sergej in person, you missed out on one of the kindest, most true persons who have wandered our scene - and I maybe even add that you yourself might be one of the biggest posers - because there was simply no actual way to avoid him, if he went to a concert.

  • von Grave
  • 22.06.2023

I have never seen him without his camera, basically never resting, but always in for a smalltalk or a quick selfie with him - not caring about himself but actually caring about you and giving you a short appreciation and the feeling you were „worthy“ to have a picture with him. Having Sergej around, you instantly knew this event would be a blast and you would find a lot of pictures of all the people and bands on his Facebook afterwards.

Fueling his Youtube Channel „Metal Over The World“ with countless live videos of metal bands and gigs, he always wanted to give something back, to not only document his own constant travels, which led him nearly all over the world and in front of the biggest and smallest stages – but to support the local scene and the metal he so loved. I remember very well when we met a the Punk & Rock Festival in Tartu, which might have been the longest time actually talking to him. There he told me about his hardships in live, his disease, his love in music and his travels. Later on he ran around looking for a friend of his who got way too drunk and trying to help. The biggest pain is that I wasn't able to tell him my appreciation, pretty well knowing there would be this moment when it's too late, but I also know that he was appreciated by a lot of people and that his open heart, energy, charisma and character will be missed!

This was Sergej - and after living a seemingly restless live, which he tasted to the fullest, he can finally take a rest. See you soon Sergej, there is just no way that you won't be there when the bands arrive!


Der, der hinter den Reihen wandelt.