Manchmal brechen Metalprojekte vollkommen unerwartet und wie wütende Panzer über die Lauf- und Schützengräben der Schlachtfelder herein. Sie spucken Tod und Vernichtung in die Welt und überrollen das zerfetzte Niemandsland, begraben verwesende Leichen im Schlamm und Stacheldraht unter sich und bezwingen selbst stärkste Bollwerke wie z.B. das neueste Release von Harakiri For The Sky.

"The efficiency of Hard Rock, the power of Heavy Metal, the spirit of Thrash." This is how "Furies" from France see themselves. With their first album "Fortune's Gate", that finally was released after an EP and some single releases, we thought it would be time to ask front-valkyrie Lynda Basstarde some questions.

Etwas über 400 Likes gibt’s für Skōhsla auf Facebook – unverschämt wenig, wie wir meinen. Zum Glück sind die Zuwendungen des Zuckerbergs Markus aber kein Gradmesser für Qualität, daher haben wir uns angeschickt, die Stichprobe aufs Exempel selbst durchzuführen und uns auf die Reise begeben, um etwas Blacklight ins Dunkel zu werfen …

Steven Waddell is the man behind several Bands like Tantrum and his One-Man projects Oath and Mortuus Rex. Additional with the Under The Radar article for Oath we had the chance to get an Interview from the man himself.

Coven is maybe one of the most important Bands for the beginnings of Heavy Metal and the rituals and occult atmosphere a lot of bands nowadays use for their shows. Now 50 years after their groundbreaking Debut Album "Witchcraft destroys minds and reaps souls" Jinx Dawson will answer some questions for us about the history and the future of Coven.

Hole In The Svn are an international group of promoters with members from Germany, France and Switzerland, who established an ongoing black metal concert series in Kassel in 2018. With “Hole In The Svn: Transzendenz”, the fifth live ritual, they have decided to conduct an introduction to the bands that will partake in the upcoming concert. As natural partners and allies, we are glad to host them as guest writers for a weekly special. Once a week we will post an interview held with members of Malakhim (SWE), Dysangelium (GER), Theotoxin (AUT), KVR (GER) and get some inside information about their history, future plans and what to expect at the show in “Goldgrube Kassel”. Last but not least in line are Dysangelium

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