Imagine it is the year 2020 and every single festival in Europe got cancelled due to a sickness called "Covid-19". Every single festival? Well, one daring event in Estonia kept its cool, went under the radar and planned every day anew with every change the governement decided. Limiting its visitor number, offering a sanitary and security concept to meet regulations and new laws, Hard Rock Laager was most likely the only event happening in this god forsaken times in July.

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In the Estonian metal scene, as a creative and dedicated mind, you don’t do only „one“ thing. As there aren’t enough people to feed the hunger of the fans, you are (at least) in one band, you organize gigs on your own, and on the day of the gig(s) you are lighting guy, coordinator and band supervisor in one person. All of this applies to Ingmar Aasoja, who is an active singer and guitar player in his band „Thou Shell Of Death“ and who organizes one of the most important festivals in Tallinn – Howls Of Winter.

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