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Undergrounded Science Lab introduces: ANAL-I

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Undergrounded and its science lab „UGSL“ is already well known for being innovative, highly digital and often first to market. Of course, the Corona-crisis didn't hit us out of the blue and we are ready to announce nothing less but the FUTURE of web-zine interviewing! With the power of our high skilled staff and by the magic of Data Science, Data Engineering and NLP (Natural Language Processing) we programmed an algorithm, that automatically generates individual interviews for bands!

We spent hours and hours to OCR-scan band-interviews from leading zines like Metalsucks, Metal Hammer and Rock-Hard and fed the results to our Intel386SX-Supercomputer. The results of this self trained deep learning program are already breathtaking and we are now ready to share the worlds first fully automated band-questionnaire called:


(Automated Natural-Aggravated Language - Interviewgenerator)

With the invention of ANAL-I, we will interrupt the web-zine-scene and enhance the quality of todays rather shitty interviews by factor 10+! We dare you to dive deep into a random Metalsucks-Interview of the last five years and tell us, if you can find any difference!


Intro: Brooding Dark Ambient Metalcore Folk Project Knert Arglont was founded in 01.01.1900 and represents the deepest abyss of music one can think of/is truly unique like no other band before. Insert Bandname is breathing the spirit of insert genre here. Now it is time to for us to interview this project/band/person - Hi XZY!

Q1: When was the last time you visited Wacken and how did you like Five Finger Death Punch?

Q6: Insert question about wife/pets/notfound

Q2: Your last album „Trvuest Spartznart“ scored 3,48 points on Metalsucks – How do you fend of all the bitches lurking in front of your house trying to snatch away your vegan-straight-edge virginity?

Q3: Do you like your cornflakes crispy or with BLEEDING KNIVES TO YOUR SKULL?

Q4: Another question about breakfast/dinner/lunch. Have you had your Weetabix and can't you believe it's not Butter-Metal? #surreptitious advertising notfound

Q5: Your live shows are always amazing/boring/unbearable. Why do you need a choir and 25 guitars on stage?

Q7: Your last album was quite amazing/shitty. Do you plan more of this and why?


Q9: Your next gig will be in location/festival/coronavirus. Are you afraid that Antifa will cheer/protest/sit behind a keyboard?

Q10: Concerning Q8 – Please distance yourself from veganism/meat/metal/Hitler HERE

Q11: Why and how did you change a bandember?

Q12: <! ––Please send us the money for this two pages in our print magazine to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! ––>


Thank you for your time/hate/boring answers. We can't wait/stand/hope for your next live gig and wish you the best/heavy duty cancer/a split with Deafheaven. See you next time.



As you can clearly see, a standard fan of Metalsucks, Hard-Rock or Hammered Metal can't spot a single difference concerning the quality of the asked questions that also need even less scene-knowledge from underpaid writers! We are quite sure, that in the near future, we can also start to train another algorithm to automatically answer the questions asked by ANAL-I to make bandinterviews a fully automated process!  So stay tuned for more breathtaking innovations of the Undergrounded Science Lab, like the first DeepDream™ generated album covers (see above) and the desperate attempt to make Myrkur-lyrics less shitty by ALG (Automachinegun-Lyric-Processing and Generating)!

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