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2018 OUT - 2019 IN!

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It has been a tough year for Undergrounded. The last 7 Years (and the years before that) definitely left marks. In 2018, we started really tired and even thought about shutting down Undergrounded for good, as our ranks were diminishing more and more with a true crisis back in June.

We asked ourselves if the effort was still worth it and everyone asked himself if his/her time was still well spent with this zine. Of course, after that, we lost some great people who pushed Undergrounded forward over the years, but just switched priorities to their personal life and other projects (which honestly might have been the better decision for most of us). But yet, a core team still didn't want to let it die and kept going on. This even led to some new people joining Undergrounded, who brought new energy and hope for this loved and maybe even more hated piece of a platform. We do know that we aren't perfect or professionals. We are people with a passion for certain music, a strong opinion, calling out bullshit if we see it and at the same time honoring true and worthy art with everything we can give - time, dedication and often even money. We want to apologize to some people we maybe weren't objective enough with, but also want to say kudos to everyone who trusted and supported us by welcoming us to their events with open arms.

So, still struggling, we are looking forward to 2019, as there are huge projects showing up at the horizon like countless festivals and bands to be reviewed photographed and praised as well as movie projects and rants about the bullshit of the more ugly parts of our scene.

You know who you are, let's keep rolling!

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