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Metallica - Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct

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This is a message to the President of The United States of America: Make Thrash Metal Great Again! We are Undergrounded, we like metal music and we want to make Metallica great again!

You know Metallica? You’ll love them. They make metal music. Hard music, it’s fantastic. They have a new album, it’s called „Hardwired to Self-Destruct“. It’s fantastic. Metallica made some albums already. But some of them were a total desaster, it’s true. Of course there are other metal bands but Metallica is the only Thrash Metal Band. Megadeth? They´re fake. It’s a fake band. Testament…total losers. Ridicoulus.

Metallica has Lars Ullrich. He is the best Drummer. You’ll love him. He’s from Danmark, total viking. conquerer. It’s great. They also have Rob Trujillo. He plays the bass guitar. He is from Mexico and has to clean the stage after the show. You’ll love it. And they have James Hetfield. It’s the best Hetfield. It’s great. He does a lot of „Yeahs“. He does the most „Yeahs“. They’re the best „Yeahs“ in the world, you will be tired of listening! It’s true, fantastic.

And they have Kirk Hammet. He plays the best riffs, absolutely amazing you’ll love them. It’s true. They will make Thrash Metal Great again and they will make their fans pay for it, it’s a fact. They got all the best lyrics and stages and even the next album is gonna be fantastic, it’s true. Let’s make Metallica great again!



01 Hardfacts

02 America Rise!

03 Now That We’re Great Again

04 Moth Against The Wall

05 Mexicans No More

06 Halo, It’s True


01 Alternative Facts

02 Manfantastic

03 Here Comes Revenge

04 Am I A Pussygrabber?

05 Number One

06 Throw Out The Muslim


It’s great, it’s fantastic.

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