Imagine it is the year 2020 and every single festival in Europe got cancelled due to a sickness called "Covid-19". Every single festival? Well, one daring event in Estonia kept its cool, went under the radar and planned every day anew with every change the governement decided. Limiting its visitor number, offering a sanitary and security concept to meet regulations and new laws, Hard Rock Laager was most likely the only event happening in this god forsaken times in July.

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Freitag, 07 Dezember 2018 11:14

Interview with Laura Künnap (Morbid Pillows)

Laura Künnap is a name you maybe have never heard of when you aren’t familiar with the estonian scene -but most of the people there (and most likely in Scandinavia) have already seen her art. Laura is indeed a creative mastermind that created the latest Hard Rock Laager Event posters, a lot of band artwork and has her own etsy-shop for fine “morbid” art. Time for Undergrounded to take another look behind the curtains of the estonian scene!

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Montag, 09 Oktober 2017 17:15

Final Loits show released!

Having to hide something from fans and dedicated servants of the dark arts for months can be exhausting and consuming – especially when it comes to unique moments that won't come back. After learning about the estonian scene in february this year, which culminated in the documentary/road movie „Tallinn Under The Horns“, we returned to Estonia to visit the Hard Rock Laager festival 2017 edition to grab the essence of the biggest metal festival there.

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„Hard Rock Laager? Noch nie gehört, ich dachte du kommst mit aufs Tuska?“ Diesen untergründigen Reiseplan von einer Estin einen Tag vor meiner Abfahrt aus Helsinki so bestätigt zu bekommen, hob die Vorfreude nur noch mehr. Nachdem ich Tallinn schon zwei Besuche abgestattet hatte um die dortige Kultur und Metalszene kennenzulernen...

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Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2017 23:39

Tallinn Under The Horns

Um zu verstehen, wie die estnische Metalszene grundsätzlich funktioniert, braucht es eigentlich nur einen kurzen Trip nach Tallinn, ein paar Gespräche mit zweien oder dreien der aktiven Bands und einen Witz: „Wenn „unserem“ Drummer irgendwas...

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