Eine der wichtigsten Buch-Veröffentlichungen der letzten Jahre bekommt ihr ab dem 24.04. erstmals auf Deutsch: „Black Metal: Into The Abyss“ wurde 2016 auf Englisch veröffentlicht und enthält Bandinterviews mit insgesamt 22 Bands, unter anderem Loits, Mystifier, Helheim, Sacrilegium, Black Altar und vielen mehr!

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Montag, 09 Oktober 2017 17:15

Final Loits show released!

Having to hide something from fans and dedicated servants of the dark arts for months can be exhausting and consuming – especially when it comes to unique moments that won't come back. After learning about the estonian scene in february this year, which culminated in the documentary/road movie „Tallinn Under The Horns“, we returned to Estonia to visit the Hard Rock Laager festival 2017 edition to grab the essence of the biggest metal festival there.

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Sometimes the written word is mightier than the music! This saying (I just made up) shows nevertheless, that there are projects beside music, which are very important for the scene and art. Dayal Patterson, founder of Cult Never Dies (which is a publishing house and clothing company) chose a rather unconquered path to support extreme music.

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