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Support Rock Club Tapper!

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Our bonds with estonia and the baltics grew strong in 2017, when we first visited Howls Of Winter in Rock Club Tapper and made the „Tallinn Under The Horns“-documentary. Countless of national and international bands have played at Tapper and now, due to the Corona-crisis, Tapper had to close its doors and is in need for YOUR help.

The running costs each month are a minimum of 2500 Euros and are covered by private pockets, as there is no possibilty to host concerts and gigs there. We wanted to ask you, as fan, as band, as metalhead for whatever you can give to help OUR Rock Club Tapper and to cover 2 months of running costs!


But what could be better to show you how important Rock Club Tapper is, with a special moment captured in the venue? One of the most influential and oldest Metal bands around Estonia are, without doubt, Loits from Tallinn. The were founded back in 1996 and play a rather unique style they call „Flak 'N' Roll“, which is a very melodic but also experimental style which doesn't cut out Synth-Effects or Keyboard in their often fast and ruthless songs, while also having a set of very melancholic and melodic songs about the very eventful estonian history. Back in may 2009 – Loits recorded a gig in Rock Club Tapper with huge effort and several cameras to celebrate... But soon after the gig, the recorded tapes vanished in the archives and were deemed to be lost forever. Last year though, through luck and fate, they were found and could be recovered, as well as remastered.

Loits wanted to show itss support by streaming this old marvel for the first time this Saturday! Please join us on Saturday to watch Loits 10 together - Thank you for your support!

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