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Final Loits show released! Empfehlung

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Having to hide something from fans and dedicated servants of the dark arts for months can be exhausting and consuming – especially when it comes to unique moments that won't come back. After learning about the estonian scene in february this year, which culminated in the documentary/road movie „Tallinn Under The Horns“, we returned to Estonia to visit the Hard Rock Laager festival 2017 edition to grab the essence of the biggest metal festival there.

It was an honor to have the chance to film the final show of Loits, who have been forming the estonian scene for more than two decades together with other important bands like Manatark, Tharaphita and Sorts. Now, finally, after having this last concert maturing like bitter sweet black wine in the cellars of Youtube and another nice interview from Dayal Patterson from „Cult Never Dies“ who has been following Loits a long time, we can finally show you the nearly 60 minutes long, last concert of Loits at Hard Rock Laager!

Open a bottle of wine, whiskey or another soozing „beverage“ and enjoy the tunes!


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Hard Rock Laager 2017 - Final Show Loits