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16.09.2016 - Double Release Party, Lepakkomies Helsinki + Re-Armed + Devenial Verdict +++

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Death and Thrash metal friends had a blast in Septembers gathering in Helsinkis Club Leppakomies. The evening was the release party for two local acts Re-Armed and Devenial Verdict, and the evening was completed with also kinda local Death-thrashers Nuclear Omnicide and US band Anthropocene.

Unfortunately I arrived belated and missed Anthropocene completely, which sucked as I heard great things from other gigs on their European tour. I arrived right in time for one of my local favourites, Nuclear Omnicide. As I am not alone with this opinion the crowd was really nice for a club of this size, and during their roughly 45 minute set the front third of the crowd partied extensively. As they as usual had a too small stage for their energy level several band members rotated for a spot in the pit to party alongside their fans while playing. Next to standards like "The Presence of Evil" they played a few new songs, which were received well as they fit well to their debut material. Again they fail to disappoint:

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The local death metal act Devenial Verdict just released their 4th album "Soulthirst" and played it as a whole. They started their set with the only song I knew from the EP so far due to their music video, a piece called "Thrones". The album was received overwhelmingly, and it got pretty impossible to take pictures, which is fine as after all I rather enjoyed the energy myself. In one of the lasts songs Nucelar Omnicides vocalist Benny Raivio joined on stage and gave a remarkable and not at all romantic duet with Devenial Verdicts brutal voice Riku Saressalo.

It was the first time for me to see them live and I was not familiar with their material really, but they will be on my “Yes, definitely” list from now on, and you dear reader should go and check the new album if you are not lucky enough to catch them live!

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The last band of the night was something I really looked forward to, death metal band Re-Armed. Also this band used this gig as a release party of their 3rd album "The Era of precarity", which is a concept album picturing a dark future. They play a wonderful mix of melancholic melodies and crushing riffs with actual catchy chorus lines. They crowd pretty much exploded and I bet quite a few people cursed them for their painful necks the next day. Also for them I wish a bigger stage next time as it was pretty crowded, but they seem to enjoy playing nevertheless as much as we enjoyed experiencing them live, so in the end everyone won. The crowd got a bit less towards the end of the gig which had pretty much nothing to do with the band but a lot with the falling oxygen levels and the distinct taste of sweat in the air. Catch them if you can, but at least give the new album a spin!



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  • Band(s): Re-Armed, Devenial Verdict
  • Wann: 16.09.2016
  • Wo: Leppakomies Helsinki
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