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22.04.2017 - Aathma European Tour - Stockholm, Kraken + Persefone + Loch Vostok + Poem

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I had the great chance to see Persefone, which I discovered a few years ago by accident, in Stockholm; it was not only the only gig they teamed up with another favourite, Loch Vostok, but it was also the last gig of their European tour which always guarantees a special show without pressure for the bands and a lot of shenanigans played by the bands on each other.

And yes, we saw half naked band members and tour crew dancing on the stage adding a whole lot of fun to an anyway great musical evening. But, lets check the bands in detail


Sweden´s Loch Vostok has been around since 2001, but somehow never gotten the recognition I would give them credit for. Especially the last album “From these waters” is something to check out, and I have it on good authority that the next album is even better and soon to be released. They were not part of the Aathma tour, it was a special appearance to bring them back together with their old touring buddies from Persefone. I encountered them quite a few times already and I was never disappointed. They play solid metal one thinks at first, until all the inventive yet understated elements come through. The most “proggy” part being the added melodic death metal elements into the mix especially in the drums, which together with the melancholic and warm vocals of Teddy Möller, create an intriguing mix. It´s a bit of many things coming together awesomely, without being pronounced enough to fit in a drawer. Their live performance is not the most crazy or adventurous, but fun and somehow extraordinarily likeable; it just feels like a family project on stage.

Just like the last time I was completely surprised that it’s over already, but this time the playlist consisted of only 5 songs -an unjustifiably short yet extremely enjoyable set.


A Mission Undivine

Twilight of the Dogs


Beyond the Obvious

Sacred Structure

2   3

Poem from Greece was the only band I haven’t seen before, and due to my “I like surprises” motto, I did not check them out before. They were a surprise indeed, introducing a unique mix of progressive grunge with some “Chevelle” and some “Tool”, a lot of atmosphere and inventive composition. Especially front man George Prokopiou was very enigmatic and into it, and had a very warm voice which he uses with fantastic detail. They have debuted in 2009 and took 7 years for the follow up album “Skein Syndrome” to release, which is on my checklist as of now!


Passive Observer




Bound Insanity


Remission of breath

4000 5000

I was lucky enough to catch Persefone in 2012 when they toured Europe together with Leprous, Ørkenkjøtt, and Loch Vostok, and I found them back then pretty good live and enjoyed the progressive death metal with the slightly metal-core-ish vocals. However, the Andorrans have not been idly writing songs since then, they also became hell of a live act!! The centerpiece of the live performance is vocalist Marc Martins who is energetic and highly delocalized, so much that he even started his own mosh pit at some point. That doesn’t mean the rest of the band is just framework, but they focus a bit more on delivering these tight riffs with surgical precision. They were fast, hard, melodic, and got the room to boiling point. I sincerely suggest to blindly buy tickets whenever they are around!


An Infinitesimal Spark

One of Many

Prison Skin


The Great Reality

Water Book

The Endless Path

Spiritual Migration

Living Waves

The Wind Book


Cosmic Walkers

No Faced Mindless

Fall to Rise

Flying Sea Dragons

Mind as Universe

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