Freitag, 08 Januar 2016 09:07

Interview with Sunve (Sunvemetal) (english)

We often profile artists right off the stage, but today we want to broach the topic of an artist who is always found in the photo pit in front of the stage as well as behind the scenes. Sunve from Sunvemetal has devoted herself to „picture art“. She not only knows the relentlessness of the scene but also everybody who is anybody. Today she is giving us a some insight about what her job is like.

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Finn, hero, lover and streetfighter - Timo Vuorensola, mastermind behind "Iron Sky", the movie about Moon-Nazis and their quest to achieve world domination (again) gave us some of his precious time to ask him about himself and the coming sequel "Iron Sky: The Coming Race".

Freigegeben in Interviews

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