Imagine it is the year 2020 and every single festival in Europe got cancelled due to a sickness called "Covid-19". Every single festival? Well, one daring event in Estonia kept its cool, went under the radar and planned every day anew with every change the governement decided. Limiting its visitor number, offering a sanitary and security concept to meet regulations and new laws, Hard Rock Laager was most likely the only event happening in this god forsaken times in July.

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Sonntag, 05 April 2020 15:40

News der Kalenderwoche 14

Auch in der Kalenderwoche 14 gab es einige Absagen zu verbuchen, doch darauf soll dieses Mal nicht der Fokus liegen. Stattdessen gibt es gute Nachrichten für den Rock Club Tapper und einige Veranstaltungshinweise. 

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Donnerstag, 02 April 2020 13:29

Support Rock Club Tapper!

Our bonds with estonia and the baltics grew strong in 2017, when we first visited Howls Of Winter in Rock Club Tapper and made the „Tallinn Under The Horns“-documentary. Countless of national and international bands have played at Tapper and now, due to the Corona-crisis, Tapper had to close its doors and is in need for YOUR help.

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