The 6th edition of Estonia’s most haunted Howls of Winter festival took place last month and was unsurprisingly -as every year so far- a blast. While half of our team members already witnessed the underground spectacle at Rock Club Tapper in the last couple of years, the other half got hooked on the Estonian scene after having watched our “Tallinn Under The Horns” documentary. Naturally we assembled our troops and visited the Baltics after the great 2018 edition last year again this time.

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Freitag, 07 Dezember 2018 11:14

Interview with Laura Künnap (Morbid Pillows)

Laura Künnap is a name you maybe have never heard of when you aren’t familiar with the estonian scene -but most of the people there (and most likely in Scandinavia) have already seen her art. Laura is indeed a creative mastermind that created the latest Hard Rock Laager Event posters, a lot of band artwork and has her own etsy-shop for fine “morbid” art. Time for Undergrounded to take another look behind the curtains of the estonian scene!

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In the Estonian metal scene, as a creative and dedicated mind, you don’t do only „one“ thing. As there aren’t enough people to feed the hunger of the fans, you are (at least) in one band, you organize gigs on your own, and on the day of the gig(s) you are lighting guy, coordinator and band supervisor in one person. All of this applies to Ingmar Aasoja, who is an active singer and guitar player in his band „Thou Shell Of Death“ and who organizes one of the most important festivals in Tallinn – Howls Of Winter.

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Seit über 20 Jahren in den Niederlanden aktiv, zählt INFINITY wohl zu einer der bekannteren und gleichzeitig unbekannteren Bands des melodischeren Black Metal, die sich seit Mitte der 90er parallel zu den großen skandinavischen Bands wie Mayhem, Immortal und Dissection entwickelt hat.

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Flying to Tallinn for the 5th edition of the Howls Of Winter festival was quite mandatory after having watched the documentary„Tallinn Under The Horns“ and after having checked the line-up. Unlike most of the events in Germany, the billing offered about 80% unheard names from the baltics, true underground pearls, as well as some well known headliners.

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Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2017 23:39

Tallinn Under The Horns

Um zu verstehen, wie die estnische Metalszene grundsätzlich funktioniert, braucht es eigentlich nur einen kurzen Trip nach Tallinn, ein paar Gespräche mit zweien oder dreien der aktiven Bands und einen Witz: „Wenn „unserem“ Drummer irgendwas...

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