Donnerstag, 13 März 2014 14:49

Gala Nocturna 2014 - LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE

This year Gala Nocturna took place in a new location. Instead of Augustinus church Viona and Dirk welcomed their guests in the grand marble ballroom of Antwerp's Zoo. This Zoo was established in 1843 and the perfect venue for the 8th edition of this dark romantic costume ball which was themed "Beauty and the beast". Male guests were advised to bring a red rose that would save them some trouble during the ball.

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For the 7th year in a row the legendary neo-romantic Ball “Gala Nocturna” took place in Antwerp. It is not only the extraordinary location of a beautiful Gothic Chapel – the Augustinuskeerk – but dramatic performances and focus on every detail which make Gala Nocturna a one of a kind event. Viona Ielegems is famous for her unique photography full of fairytales and otherworldly creatures. And she promised “our souls won’t be safe”. She kept her word.

Freigegeben in Konzert Reviews

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