Interview with Lynda Basstarde (Furies)

Interview with Lynda Basstarde (Furies)

"The efficiency of Hard Rock, the power of Heavy Metal, the spirit of Thrash." - This is how Furies describe themselves and with the release of their debut "Fortune's Gate" in 2020, it was time to have a quick chat with Lynda Siewicz aka Lynda Basstarde from the Paris-based band.

  • von Phil
  • 23.03.2021

UG: First Question, can you tell us a bit more about the bands history? Furies started around 2013 as an all-female Hard-Rock band. What leads you to your style nowadays and what kind of music did influence you in your career and life?

Lynda: Hello Phil, FURIES was indeed at first an all-female band led by Zaza Bathory (Drums) in 2013. Then in 2016, a friend of mine told me they needed a session bass player. My meeting with Zaza Bathory was amazing at this time because we had the same musical projects and the timing was perfect. So we decided to hire Billy Lazer (Guitars) who was hanging out with us, and I met Sam Flash (Guitars) in a bar and I invited him to audition for us, it was really an intuition. And actually, Sam and Zaza knew each other for a long time because they came from a small town in the suburbs of Paris. What a destiny filled with connexions and good vibes.

Concerning our influences and our music, we have a common base which is Heavy Metal like Judas Priest or even Annihilator. We like and listen to almost the same bands! And each one of us brings to our songs more specified elements. For example, Billy Lazer is really into Yngwie Malmsten and Symphony-X for example, Sam Flash is more into Thrash Metal like Exodus, Zaza Bathory also likes Death Metal like the band Death, and personally I really appreciate hard rock like Black Sabbath or even the black metal style. Our music is a result of all this alchemy which I think combines perfectly.


After your 2015 EP and the 2017 Demo “Unleash the Furies“, your first full-length Album “Fortune’s Gate“ is ready for its release on October 16th. What can you tell our readers about the writing process and the recording sessions?

During the writing process, we got to know each other musically so it was going faster on each new song. We are multi-composers so we have to deal with it. Usually, Billy or Sam bring one or two main riffs, and then we all create the rest. I write all the lyrics and the melody of them by inspiring me of the emotions that the songs reflect. We recorded the voice, the bass, the drums and the chorus at the Labomatic Studios in Paris with Igor Moreno and the guitars were recorded by our guitarist Sam Flash in his home studio. The whole was reamped, mixed and mastered By Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studio in Italy. We are very glad to have worked with them and we applied a lot to recording our instruments.

Will there also be a tape and vinyl release of the new album and what format do you personally prefer in your private collection?

Fortune’s Gate album will also be released on vinyl, with a special red edition disc ! I think it’s important in Metal to have this Vinyl format for the sound, the object it-self, and we can appreciate every detail of our cover made by Slo Sombrebizarre and enter our universe!


As we all know, this is a really difficult time for artists, venues and many other parts of music industry. How did Covid affect your band and what is your personal motivation to go through this bleak time?

Indeed this covid affected us regarding the shooting of the Music video of our single “You & I”. We rented a special studio in an audiovisual school and just the day before, we knew that it would be closed! We created the Video with special light effects on it but we couldn’t do it! So we shot the video changing everything.
We were supposed to play in Sweden, Denmark and Germany but all the gigs were cancelled and postponed so on the one hand we’re sad because we love to play live, to share our music, it’s important for us to be on stage but on the other hand, we can now have the time to deeply work on the release of this first album, and keep on composing new songs!


Concerts and tours are also almost impossible to organize for over half a year now and it seems there will still be hurdles in the near future. Is there a dream lineup or some bands you would like to make a tour with, when the pandemic is over?

Yes of course, before dying, we really want to share the stage with Judas Priest, Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne ! haha. When the pandemic is over, we really will appreciate to play in every city here in France and especially abroad.


Talking about dream line-ups, last year you had the chance to perform with Sortilège on Keep It True Festival. Tell us about your experience and do you have plans to play also with Furies there in the near future?

First I sang with Alexis (Hürlement band) in the Tribute band, and then Zouille came to re-form “Sortilège”. We were like a spiritual father and daughter for each other, he invited me to play as a guest singer and I really appreciate it as this band was very special and favorite for me, thanks to the magic songs and the perfect singing ! It was very unique to share all that songs live, with the whole band and the musicians of the Tribute band! With Furies, we hope to share the stage with them as soon as possible !


Do you have some other favourite Places where you wanna play in the future?

We were kindly invited to play at the Muskelrock Festival in Sweden but this show was postponed due to the covid, I had a great memory playing there with Sortliège and all the other Furies members were already convinced that it would have been a great moment! We really appreciate to play abroad, even in small venues and meeting people and of course, we would like to play again at our big french festival: the Hellfest.


For several years now we could experience an upcoming Heavy Metal Revival in many countries. Can you tell us a bit more about the French underground metal scene today?

The french underground metal scene is mainly composed by extreme metal bands like Death metal, Black Metal and Djent. But indeed, there is a sort of Revival in the french Heavy Metal Scene thanks to some old bands that are still here like ADX, Blaspheme, and we have some good and quality young heavy metal bands like Existance or Animalize.
In the meantime, bands like us like to play what they listen to and what there are. And lots of people even the youngest appreciate old school Heavy Metal.


Our last and classic question – Imagine you could meet your younger self ten years ago – What advice would you give to yourself with the knowledge of today?

I think we do not have to regret what we’ve done or what we’ve been through. It’s all that choices we made that create what happens now! I may believe in a sort of destiny if you stay positive. My different meetings with all the other members of FURIES happen in a very natural way, as if the timing was perfect, as if it exists a true connexion between us. Aslo, all our experiences we had with our different previous bands, our knowledge on the metal scene, and in practising our instrument, made us what we are and what we created: Furies!

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