14.10.2023 - Weekend of darkness ahead! (Estonia)

14.10.2023 - Weekend of darkness ahead! (Estonia)

Autumn is creeping in the premises, and it is once again time to fill the darkening nights with appropriate sounds.

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  • 12.10.2023

This weekend in Estonia you have a great chance to enjoy not one but two amazing events, one in Black Magic Estonia (Tallinn) and another in Genialistide Klubi (Tartu). This is of course if you make it through the Friday the 13th! The unfortunate detail of this otherwise amazing double deal is, that both events take place on Saturday 14th, and considering the distance, you kinda have to pick your poison and stick with it. 

Black Magic Estonia hosts yet another interesting visitor from Finland, when Nightside, a band with long roots into the 90’s scene, takes over the stage joined by the local forces of Pime.  Doors at 21 so get ready for a late night of mayhem!

In Tartu the organizers from Warhorn Records start one hour earlier, doors being flung open at 20.00. The event carries the name Arhailine Tarbatu and presents 3 bands from near and far, as the more or less local groups Ziegenhorn and Lein will be joined by a group of Swiss origin, Tenebrae Aeternum

Whichever city you pick this weekend, 
you can be sure that your black metal urges are met. 

Show up and support! 



  • 14.10.2023 - 14.10.2023


  • Black Magic Estonia (Tallinn) // Genialistide Klubi (Tartu)


  • 10 €

Kein König herrscht für immer, mein Sohn.