26.05.2024 - Midlands In Flames, Devil's Dog Birmingham + Saarkoth + Defod + Snet +++

26.05.2024 - Midlands In Flames, Devil's Dog Birmingham + Saarkoth + Defod + Snet +++

Welcome to "Midlands in Flames," an infernal convergence of death metal and black metal that will scorch Birmingham on the 26th of May at the notorious Devil's Dog. As the late May bank holiday weekend descends, prepare to immerse yourself in a night of relentless sonic brutality and unholy atmospheres.

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 16.05.2024

Brought to you by the unholy alliance of Necro Events and Subterranean Promotions, this event promises to be a cacophony of chaos and darkness. From the depths of the underground metal scene emerge some of the most formidable acts to grace the Midlands stage. The lineup reads like a veritable blackened manifesto, featuring the savage sounds of Saarkoth, the primal onslaught of Defod, and the abyssal depths of Snet. Joining them are the sinister serenades of Cryptworm, the war-torn hymns of Stahlsarg, and the cavernous echoes of Vacivus. But the darkness doesn't end there. Brace yourselves for the occult incantations of Heathen Deity and the bone-chilling ferocity of Hyperdontia. Together, these bands will summon a tempest of sound that will leave the Midlands ablaze with metal fury.

So mark your calendars, steel your souls, and prepare to descend into the depths of Birmingham's metal underworld. "Midlands in Flames" awaits, beckoning all who dare to embrace the infernal embrace of death and black metal.

Hyperdontia (DK) 
Heathen Deity (UK)
Vacivus (UK)
Stahlsarg (UK)
Snet (CZ)
Cryptworm (UK)
Defod (UK)
Saarkoth (UK)


  • 26.05.2024 - 26.05.2024


  • Devil's Dog Birmingham


  • 20 Pounds