23.-24.09.2022 - Tartu Under The Horns Documentary - premiere in Estonia

23.-24.09.2022 - Tartu Under The Horns Documentary - premiere in Estonia

After "Tallinn Under The Horns" and "Vilnius Under The Horns" we once again made our way to the baltics, or more precisely, to the town of Tartu, to create our third and so far most professional documentary about the local metal scene. This time, we want to celebrate it with you and will hold two exclusive events for the premiere in Estonia!

  • von Grave
  • 15.07.2022

On the 23rd September, we will have it played at Tartu Elektriteater and on the 24th September, there will be another event in Tallinn. Since we all share a love about the Underground, we decided to hold this second event at the location of our friends from Black Magic Estonia!

**What else to expect?**

The scene in Tartu and Estonia is way more than just about talented musicians - art comes in many forms. Thus, we decided to hold an extensive side-event where many of the actors mentioned in the documentary will exhibit their art in one way or another.

There will be (depending on location):

Art exhibition by two extremely talented artists Fen & Skaðvaldur

Exhibition of 2 (!) magazines from Estonia Taud & Pläkk

Art exhibition of the Experimental Black Metal band Form

Beer from the amazing brewery Käbliku Pruulikoda

Live bands:

Form, Wolfskrone, Pagansarv, Langenu

Link to the events:

Tartu: https://www.facebook.com/events/1470296216765216/

Tallinn: https://www.facebook.com/events/773989923600516/


  • 23.09.2022 - 23.09.2022


  • Tartu and Tallinn


  • >10 Euro

Der, der hinter den Reihen wandelt.