23.03.2023 Belphegor, Kampfar, Hideous Divinity, Leach | Rockclub Tapper (Tallinn)

23.03.2023 Belphegor, Kampfar, Hideous Divinity, Leach | Rockclub Tapper (Tallinn)

Cold Estonian winter howls on, and once again it is the classic venue Rockclub Tapper that serves as a battlefield for top notch extreme metal. Austrian legend Belphegor leads the way, as they take their "The Devil's European Aufmarsch Tour" onwards to the Estonian crowd. The support for the evening is also as brutal as it sounds, as the main villains are joined by Kampfar from Norway + two more warm up acts Hideous Divinity and Leach kicking off the event.

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  • 14.03.2023

Belphegor marches towards the north on their tour to celebrate their newest album "The Devils" , which was released last summer. Before their tour's final destination in Finland though, the Austrians bless Tallinn once again with their presence, following up their visit in 2021 that miraculously managed to happen after the earlier restriction-related pause for events was lifted. 

This time the band brought some international back up as well, gathering talent all the way from Italy, combined with two Scandinavian groups to complete the line up. 
With such a strong crew and a fresh new album in the bag, this show is one not to miss even if you managed to make it to the gig a few years ago! And as if that is not enough, their partner in crime Kampfar has even more fresh material up their sleeve, as their latest album "Til klovers takt" just saw the daylight in November.

Doors open at 19.00 - See you guys in Tapper!


  • 23.03.2023 - 23.03.2023


  • Rockclub Tapper - Tallinn


  • 30.20 €

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