18.11.2022 + Warmoon Lord + Insulter's Altar + Sammas' Equinox, Rock Bear Vantaa (Finland)

18.11.2022 + Warmoon Lord + Insulter's Altar + Sammas' Equinox, Rock Bear Vantaa (Finland)

Rock Bear Vantaa (as close as you can get to the center, black metal friendly spot in the Greater Helsinki area) will serve as a battlefield for mighty Warmoon Lord and its support mid November Carrying the banners before the Lord himself, the evening’s fight is initiated by another Lahti based black metal group, Insulter's Altar, who shares some of their talents with the evening’s master of war. Third part of the battalion is covered by Sammas' Equinox and their black metal infused firing on all cylinders, so it will be a fight night to remember for sure.

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  • 24.10.2022

Warmoon Lord has claimed a spot in the Finnish black metal scene with a storm, rooting back to 2019 when the project got started by a multitalented musician Lord Vrăjitor from Lahti, whose handwriting covers all the aspects regarding the band’s legacy. Three albums later and still going strong, Warmoon Lord continues its conquest currently riding on the latest album Battlespells, released in 2021 after switching to a new label, Werewolf records. Insulter's Altar is also Lahti based black metal band, backed up by a strong demo release in 2019, with a raw old school sound to their name. Their guitarist Heinous is also part of the Warmoon Lord’s live squad. Sammas' Equinox has few more years in their history books than the others, releasing splits and demos since 2016 until their first full length album Tulikehrät from 2020. Sporting a classic black metal aesthetic, they are an interesting group to keep an eye on for sure.

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  • 18.11.2022 - 18.11.2022


  • Rock Bear Vantaa


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