11.04.2023 Wayfarer + Havukruunu | Sveta Baar Tallinn

11.04.2023 Wayfarer + Havukruunu | Sveta Baar Tallinn

Pagans, rally and gather around! Make your way to Sveta Baar and witness Wayfarer of the west in action, joined by Havukruunu from the north.

  • von Arttv
  • 10.04.2023

Tallinn is once again treated with high quality black metal, this time with strong folklore ties to spice it up. All the way from the Wild West, Wayfarer joins forces with their northern allies of Finland to deliver a thunderous show of black metal for the restless Estonians. Havukruunu raises the banners and strikes the first blow of the evening, to set the tune for the pagan ritual to commence. 


Doors open at 19.00
Havukruunu 20.00
Wayfarer 21.00


  • 11.04.2023 - 11.04.2023


  • Sveta Baar (Tallinn)


  • 13€ / 15€

Kein König herrscht für immer, mein Sohn.