08.-10.02.2024 Howls Of Winter XI, Tapper (Estonia) + Soerd + Beyond Man + Arsgoatia +++

08.-10.02.2024 Howls Of Winter XI, Tapper (Estonia) + Soerd + Beyond Man + Arsgoatia +++

For the 11th edition of Howls Of Winter the event returns again to its Underground roots and placed some names on the billing, which have never been seen on the list (maybe even all of them as rumours say, but to be brutally honest we lost count!)

  • von Ghostwriter
  • 27.12.2023

With Daravaza, Nubivagant, Voidescent, Hadopelagyal and Arsgoatia, Southern-Europe and the DACH region is perfectly represented, while Soerd and Grom cover the local scene component. The Nordics will be covered by bands like Beyond Man, Hollow Woods or Hail Conjurer/Absolute Key. The infamous pre-warm-up party will take place on wednesday in the Black Magic Estonia Club again and feature some bands and the great afterparties!

Tickets are 55 Euronymous in pre-sale, which is an absolut banger for the buck. Being guests for some years now we can only put a gun to your head and caress your skull with it while whispering: „You really should consider going, there's a lot too see, hear and experience. What are you waiting for?“


Full Line-Up:

DARVAZA (NOR/ITA) - black metal

BEYOND MAN (NOR) - death black metal

PROSTERNATUR - black metal

NUBIVAGANT (ITA) - black metal

MORTUUS (SWE) - black metal

ARSGOATIA (AUT) - black metal

ASTRAL SILENCE (CHE) - black metal / ambient

VOËMMR (PRT) - raw black metal

ARJEN (BIH) - black metal

VOIDESCENT (ESP) - black metal

SOERD (EST) - black metal

GROM (EST) - raw black metal

Warm-Up 8th February

HADOPELAGYAL (DEU) - death black metal

ILAT MAHRU - black metal

HOLLOW WOODS (FIN) - black metal

HAIL CONJURER & ABSOLUTE KEY (FIN) - black noise collaboration


  • 08.02.2024 - 08.02.2024


  • Rockclub Tapper Tallinn (Estland)


  • 55 Euro