01.02.2023 GAEREA [PT] + Condescension | Sveta Baar Tallinn

01.02.2023 GAEREA [PT] + Condescension | Sveta Baar Tallinn

The howls of Estonian winter can almost be heard in the distance already, but it is time to heat up the new year of live music in Tallinn a bit earlier. February is a month to remember, especially if you are familiar with the local scene in Estonia and this time the special month starts with a bang orchestrated by Portuguese group Gaerea already on the 1st of February!

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  • 26.01.2023

This energetic Black Metal act from Portugal doesn’t require much introduction. Their 2022 album Mirage was a strong piece that really hit the mark with an almost perfectly balanced list of songs, which now will be heard live for the first time in an all-Baltic tour. (Mirage was also included in our top albums for 2022, which you can check from here)

Gaerea takes their visual game to another level, with stylish and well-designed looks and masks, that can be witnessed throughout their albums and live shows alike. So definitely a great gig to kickstart your year with, if January was a slow rolling one as it quite often is.

The Portuguese will also be joined by some local support, with Narva based group Condescension making a comeback after a short split up hiatus, so it will be an interesting evening of rebirth and discovery to come for sure!

See you in Sveta Baar next Wednesday!


  • 01.02.2023 - 01.02.2023


  • Sveta Baar (Tallinn)


  • 16€/21€

Kein König herrscht für immer, mein Sohn.