Freitag, 26 Mai 2017 10:12


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In the past few years the terms "post metal" and "post black metal" evolved to a genre-constant which provided us with a sheer richness of interesting and great bands. The Austrians of ELLENDE haven't been an exception, as they created 2 extraordinary EP's and 2 full-length albums in the last years. "ELLENDE" is german old german for "misery", which established as a lyrical motive within the range of all 4 releases. In 2012, the melancholic melodies on "Rückzug In Die Innerlicheit" (may be translated to "Withdrawal to interiority") got a special emphasis.

Freitag, 19 Mai 2017 09:44


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When you discover WALDGEFLÜSTER for the first time the variety of melodies and the transitions between the instrumental parts really hit you. As the name translates as "Forest Whispers", one normally doesn‘t expect such a riffing power. As WALDGEFLÜSTER devote themselves to black metal, the name couldn’t be further from the truth. Yet, the songwriting is a mix of somehow melancholic melodies, secunded by highly aggressive parts.

Mittwoch, 10 Mai 2017 14:03


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Anti-Terrestrial-Black-Metal – The North Rhine-Westphalians from Magoth have devoted themselves to this rather unusual genre and want to fill their own gap. Starting in 2011 as a sideproject of singer Heergott, they released the first demo „Der Toten Gesang“ in 2016. Brutal blastparts fondled by rock passages can’t yet deny the strong doom influence and the overall thick atmosphere of their music. Currently, the quartette is working on the first album which is to be released in mid-2017 under the name „Anti Terrestrial Black Metal“, which is heavly anticipated.

Mittwoch, 26 April 2017 13:37


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SAOR (scottish for "free") is an one man army out of Glasgow which started in 2012 under the name "Arsaidh" (also scottish, means "archaic") and published its first full-length "Roots" under that name as well. In 2014 Andy Marshall decided to change the project's name to SAOR and re-released the first album under the new Label "Northern Silence". Since then Marshall has been pretty productive and created Aura just one year afterwards. In late 2016 the new album "Guardians" got released and was also well recieved.

Mittwoch, 26 April 2017 09:25


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Hailing from Norway, the merely 20 years old Musician Mathias Hemmingby is capturing listeners with his atmospheric-ambient Black Metal-Project Eldamar. Named after the coastal region of the Elven-and Valar continent Aman from J.R.R. Tolkiens world (literally: Elvenhome), Eldamar is a quite new project. After releasing a great debut in 2016 („The Force of the Ancient Land“) and a song for the Summoning-Tribute Compilation „In Mordor Where The Shadows Are“ in the same year („Land of the Dead“), Hemmingby was part of a Split-CD with Dreams of Nature in 2017.

Freitag, 21 April 2017 13:00


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Not only known in the „Ruhrpott“ Frigoris are associated by a lot of people for what they stand for: Post Black Metal. Founded in 2007, they have already released three longplayers. The newest work „Nur Ein Moment“ shows their summarized and full potential of the last years and within this album, Doom elements are combined with atmospheric excellence and a high quality production. Isolation and depression in the modern society, nature and the conflict between those two topics from the eyes of a suicidal is the background story of „Nur Ein Moment“.

Dienstag, 04 April 2017 22:16

Albez Duz

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Occult doom metal band ALEBZ DUZ from Berlin already exists since 2006, but they actually emerged from the shadows in 2014 when their second album “The Coming of Mictlan” was published. The underground was crazy about it! Formed by Eugen “Impurus” Herbst the band was a one-man project besides his main band "Dies Ater" in the beginning. Later singer Alfonso Brito whose voice perfectly fits to the music and sometimes reminds of Peter Steele, guitarist Julia Neuman and bassist David Petersen got on board so ALBEZ DUZ has developed into a quartet by now.

Montag, 27 März 2017 13:14

Décembre Noir

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The very fundament of Décembre Noir was laid in Erfurt in 2008. From a rather undefined two-man project (and some staff changes later) Décembre turned into a real Death-Doom monster. After defining their style the band released two albums, that don’t need to fear a comparison to other established acts. The thuringians classically depict topics like decay, death and melancholie but in combination with a lot of anger in their work.

Dienstag, 21 März 2017 21:18


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Mosaic from Thuringia saw the light of the day in 2006. A fitting contrast to this phrase is the description of their music: Experimental Black Metal Darkness. Some people might know that the band is linked to Alchemyst, which existed from 2009 to 2013 and enjoyed popularity in the underground.

Freitag, 10 März 2017 10:00

Gorilla Monsoon

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Gorilla Monsoon are around for over 15 years now and have brought mayhem and terror to eastern Germany. With their Doom, Sludge and Redneck infused sound, they fill a gap between oldschool and a style a little bit more „modern“. Yet they evolved into a lot more than the generic standard sound you get to hear at moment from a lot of new Doom bands. It’s aggressive, it’s hard, it’s Gorilla Monsoon!

Freitag, 10 März 2017 09:05


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Since 2010 Firtan from Southern Germany have been combining influences from a variety of musical genres into a raw, driving and yet cinematic sound. Influenced by bands such as Thyrfing, Agalloch and Emperor their music is composed of elements ranging from Black and Pagan Metal to Progressive- and Post-Rock alongside orchestral sounds which are supported by intense vocal performances. Firtan got to play various shows and festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Romania supporting bands like Imperium Dekadenz, Satyricon, Finntroll and Ne Obliviscaris.

Freitag, 10 März 2017 08:37


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Black Metal Doom and Sludge – All these genres are combined by Witch N, Marko Lehtinen and their session musicians, to create a gloomy, raw and unpolished sound. The duo exists since 2012, carrying their songs about the human abyss, melancholy and chaos, spreading the beauty within. „Ilmaasari“, as their debut, was released in June 2015 at Czar Of Bullets, while the release was reissued as a tape by french label Antiq and as a vinyl by Throne Records.

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