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21.02.2020 - Metropool Enschede +++ Entrails + Aeon of Disease

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The organizers from Black Serpent Promotion do not let themselves rest when it comes to exquisite band selection. With Entrails and Aeon of Disease two great Death Metal bands were brought on stage for a small tour in the Netherlands and Germany, which should make these evenings special ones. Just last october Entrails released their new album "Rise of the Reaper" (Metal Blade Records) and continued their two-year release rhythm.

It was a cold Friday night when the Swedish Death Metal legend Entrails should enter the stage at the Metropool in Enschede. They were supported by Aeon of Disease. The German band, which could shine so far with a full album called "Veil of Oblivion", entered the stage at about 9 pm this evening as the opening act and gave their music to the maximum. A Death Metal sound which doesn't lose its hardness despite melodic influences. The guys from the Neckbreaker Records camp showed a seldom-seen motivation, which directly swept away the already quite filled venue. Even though the band hasn't been around for very long, they presented themselves extremely professional, which made it even easier to enjoy the show. Like a rotating buzzsaw, Aeon of Disease crushed over the heads of the hungry audience in the Metropool and thus did excellent preparatory work. A performance that will be remembered and definitely a band to follow, far away from the great irrelevance that can be found in such a multi-faceted genre.

Irrelevance is probably the most distant word one could use to describe the following band: Right on time Entrails entered the stage. Their new output stands out as the most accessible, but it should not be put on a level with soft-soaked mainstream. Entrails proved once again, that Swedish-Death can be tough and can tear you apart onstage. They offered you exactly what you would expect from a Swedish-Death-Metal concert: Shredding riffs that made your neck break, wrapped into a lively and fun show. Despite almost propaganda-like announcements about approaching zombie apocalypse and other undead conspiracies, the show did not lose professionalism, all to the delight of the audience. All together it was just another proof of how well Entrails can perform their music live and we are definitely looking forward to more gigs.

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  • Band(s): Entrails, Aeon of Disease
  • Wann: 21.02.2020
  • Wo: Metropool, Enschede
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