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It was only in August 2019 that thrash metal legend Destruction released their new album "Born to Perish" (Nuclear Blast), continuing the era. Following the new album, the band is currently on tour with none other than Legion of the Damned, Suicidal Angels and Final Breath. We have already checked out the tour for you @ Metropool in the dutch city of Enschede.


The evening was supposed to start relatively early in the venue, which already sent the first band on stage at 18:30. However, since there are also working classes who don't waste their time writing meaningless texts on the internet, an early start and therefore an early end was a good choice for a Wednesday evening. On our arrival, the posters outside already read "sold out", which meant full halls that evening. But unlike some other venues, the event was still enjoyable and not a single sweating mass crammed into too small space.

The first ones were Final Breath from southern Germany. The members, also known from projects like The Flesh Trading Company, showed an enormous enthusiasm for playing, which took some time, but then finally heated up the audience. Definitely, a solid start, even if it might be a bit selfish to assume that every Dutchman would understand German. If you like honest, authentic and nodding Death/Thrash Metal, you won't be disappointed by Final Breath.

Greek Suicidal Angels are always a highlight playing live. It was no different this time! Motivated as ever, the Athenians around frontman Nick presented their best songs and didn't let their current work "Years of Aggression" (2019, NoiseArt Records) come off badly. It's an absolute mystery to me how one can play his instruments with such enthusiasm and emotionality without coming across as silly. Such a thing is just pure fun to watch. Probably a bit disappointed by the sleeping pill-like audience, Suicidal Angels didn't let themselves be demotivated and continuously slapped their Thrash Metal around the ears of the crowd, just the way we're used to.

But with Legion of the Damned, you could no longer talk about sleeping pills in the audience. In the usual thrashing manner, the music of the local heroes was adequately celebrated and the event transformed into a party on high spirits. Compared to the early years, the band delivers less output than before but has gained an incredible amount of live experience, which they use each time for their purposes. A bombastic live performance that is second to none. In addition, a good mix of older hymns and new breakers has taken place and it is getting clear that the times when the group was overshadowed by veteran names like Destruction are over.

As expected, there is not much to say about Destruction. It was delivered as one is used to for many years and after rather newer works of the band were played, all old school fans were also served by bringing the good old days of albums like “Infernal Overkill” (1985, Steamhammer) back to life. Without question a more than successful gig!

Those who still have the chance to visit the still ongoing tour should do so inevitably. You can find the remaining dates here:


25.02.2020 – Hannover (DE), Musikzentrum

26.02.2020 - Uherské Hradiště (CZ), Klub Mir

27.02.2020 – Pilsen (CZ), Serikovka

28.02.2020 – Munich (DE), Backstage

29.02.2020 – Aarau (CH), Kiff

01.03.2020 – Milano (IT), Legend Club

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  • Band(s): Destruction, Legion of the Damned, Suicidal Angels, Final Breath
  • Wann: 19.02.2020
  • Wo: Metropool, Enschede
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