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Über den schwarzen Tellerrand 2 – Interview mit MITYAY von ZMEY GORYNICH, Moskau

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In der Rubrik „Über den schwarzen Tellerrand“ werden Themen vorgestellt, bei denen es nicht zwingend um fliegende Haare, Growls oder ähnliches geht.

Unser Redakteur Geordie entwickelte erstaunlicherweise einiges an Fernweh, um Ende Juli 2019 zu einem der authentischsten Folklore Festivals weltweit zu reisen: Bylinniy Bereg (Epische Küste). Zu diesem Festival zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt und in einem eigenen Artikel mehr.

An dieser epischen Küste, welche sich an der Wolga, 150 km nördlich von Moskau befindet, wurde unser Redakteur Zeuge eines für ihn denkwürdigen Auftritts. Die Moskauer ZMEY GORYNICH lieferten eine so noch nicht erlebte extravagante Show ab.

Dies verleitete ihn direkt nach dem Gig den ihm bereits bekannten Gitarrero Malafey anzuquatschen: „We definetely need to talk“. Nach diversen gemeinsamen Spaziergängen durch Moskau entwickelte sich das dringende Bedürfnis, einer Probe beiwohnen zu wollen, welcher auch erfüllt wurde und so betrat Geordie mit der Band am 08.08.2019 die Hendrix-Studios im angesagten Stadtteil Arbat.

Die Musik dieser einzigartigen Formation war nach erstmaligen Hören sehr suspekt. Aber das wandelte sich nach erlebter Live-Performance (mit weiblicher Stimme Rys) und Besuch im Studio (ohne Rys) in Bewunderung. Perfekt dargebotener Spagat zwischen russicher Tradition / Folklore, tanzbaren Rhythmen, progressiven Elementen, Brutal Slamming Metal und … Achtung liebe Undergrounded Gemeinde, dieser Begriff könnte verstörend wirken … Deathcore, speziell Lubock-Core!

All dies verursachte in den Gehirnwindungen unseres Redakteurs einiges an Aufruhr. Die Folgen werden wohl für den Rest seines Lebens ungeahntes provozieren. Eine unmittelbare Nebenwirkung war das folgende Interview, welches mit dem Gründer Demetr Grail aka Mityay
Mitte August 2019 per Mail geführt wurde:

UG: Welcome and Spasiba for accepting an Interview with Undergrounded

Mityay: Pozhaluysta! :) (You’re welcome)

UG: Would you introduce yourself and the Band mates from ZMEY GORYNICH and let our fellow Readers know, which Instruments they represent?

Mityay: I am the main Vocalist, Author of all Lyrics, Ideas and Musical Structures. Rys is our witching Vocalist and Beauty, Gvozd is our Bass player, Brothers Rukoblud and Malafey are Guitarists and Co-Singers, Nehay is a crazy Drummer.

UG: As we Germans are mostly not aware of Russian Language: please let us know what’s the meaning of the Band name?

Mityay: This is a well-known character from Russian / Slavic mythology (in fact, we still got it from the Scythians and Zoroastrianism): the three-headed fire-breathing Dragon, the spawn of the dark forces, but in our personal musical interpretation, on the contrary, he is a positive defender of the Russian Land and our Band.

If you are interested, then in general, the whole ancient Slavic Culture has its roots in Scythian-Indo-Iranian mythology, there was also a three-headed fire-breathing Dragon Zahhak - one of the personifications of evil, but anyway in modern folklore of Russia – he’s a buffoon Character, ideally suitable for the name of lava-like metal band!

UG: Now we are curious about the Band history.

Mityay: We gathered with the guitarist and arranger of all our music Kudeyar (aka Arsafes from the band Kartikeya) at the beginning of the 2013th year to do something super-unusual in Slavic folk metal, to combine folk color and a djent / deathcore that we really like, to do it’s all very fun, so as not to be bored. We did singles the same year, and then took up to our other numerous bands and put the project on the shelf, but the listeners' attention did not cool down, so from the 2016th year we resumed the activities of ZG, began to perform concerts, and released at 2018 a big album „Mother Russia“.

UG: What influences / ‚Idols‘ do you call important for ZG?

Mityay: Everything from 19th-century Russian composers (Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov) to Grindcore, Black Metal, Deathcore or simply: Devin Townsend plus Moonsorrow, swallowed by Cattle Decapitation, who listened to Soviet World War II Marches while eating.

UG: In which Tradition of Bands and/or Genres do you see ZG?

Mityay: Only in our own.

UG: Enlighten us please about … Lubock Core !?!

Mityay: We call our genre lubok-core or skomorokh metal. Skomorokhs were pre-soviet Russian buffoons, wandering vagrant musicians who strangely dressed or dressed as animals, walked around the cities and sang all kinds of rascally cheering songs. We are building the whole concept of the band on this image.

UG: Are you or your fellow musical warriors involved in any side projects?

Mityay: Surely! Gvozd plays bass in ethnic death metal band Kartikeya, Rukoblud plays guitar in alternative metal band Spaint, Malafey sings in slamming death metal band Smothered Bowels, Rys sings in various opera and classical musical projects. I’m also singer in various symphonic black metal bands: Arcanorum Astrum, Nimphaion, Lunae Ortus, Grailight, and Skylord.

UG: How is the situation for rehearsal rooms in Moscow?

Mityay: Very good. Ourselves we are from Moscow - and there are about a hundred rehearsal studios, well equipped, and all equally cost from 10 to 15 Euros for a 3-hour session.

UG: Is it easy to get live gigs?

Mityay: To organize concerts? No, that’s not a problem. The question of why we didn‘t perform for six months last year was rather that I had to re-select the line-up, and to find musicians who understand and can play such difficult music is quite a few.

UG: Is pay to play relevant?

Mityay: Payment for us is minuscule and does not always happen. And we ourselves never pay the organizers, in any case. Well, more often than not, this happens, of course, in order to act as an opening band to a foreign band (payment for such a performance is mandatory in Russia, and the minimum starts from 500 Euros) - but this is not for us. We do not see the point of spending that kind of money, which is better to invest in recording or filming.

UG: Is extreme music still ‚under surveillance‘ in Russia?

Mityay: No, this has not been around for more than 25 years. Heavy music is absolutely not forbidden or prosecuted in our country. The state bodies and the media simply do not give a damn about the existence of metal, in every sense.

UG: Where to find you on the internet?

Mityay: https://www.facebook.com/lubokcore


UG: Where to buy your stuff worldwide?

Mityay: through direct of fb and instagram https://www.instagram.com/zmeygorynich_official/,

or here: https://zmeygorynich.bandcamp.com/

UG: spasiba so far for those kind details you presented us. Now comes the second part of the interview – and I am already very excited about the answers, hehehe:

Mityay: Yeah, blyat’!)

6 S I C K QU E S T I O N S


If you would be the Headliner in Front of an Audience of 10.000 – who will be the supporting Bands?

Mityay: Finntroll, Hacktivist, Kvelertak

Can you imagine to include an extraordinary Instrument for your next Record? Which one could play a major role?

Mityay: I think, it could be fart from my ass


Boots or Sneakers?

Mityay: Naked that to feel the power of Earth!


Which Question would you have wished to be asked in an interview but still not happened?

Mityay: Are we gay or not


Which was the first song (not in School or likely) from which you knew all Lyrics and beein able to sing it completely?

Mityay: Manowar „Thor“

Which patch / patches should be on evry metal jacket (kutte)?

Mityay: Zmey Gorynich patch!

Thx a lot for being patient with me – the last Words are up to you:

Mityay: We love Ye All!!!

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